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Steiner Facts

Wresting Style
Combines incredible size, strength and ability... His amazing Herculean physique boast some of the biggest biceps in wrestling... Often accompanied to the ring surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women... Finishes challengers with an array of suplexes and clotheslines along with his signature Steiner Recliner and the Frankensteiner... Originator of the Frankensteiner, a move now commonly known as the huracanrana... Escorted to the ring by a bevy of beauties, Midajah and Shikira.

Did You Know?
Attended University of Michigan on a wrestling scholarship, where he earned a degree in Education... Also played football and baseball in high school... Featured on the covers of "Sports Illustrated for Kids" and "Ironman" magazines... Consumes mass quantities of grilled chicken... Another nickname is Big Bad Booty Daddy... In his spare time he enjoys Harley Davidson motorcycles, training and fishing.

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